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How we work for you:

Our highly respected counselors have over 20 years of specialized experience in the household field. Let us use our extensive network of contacts for you. Many of our clients tell us that hiring household staff through an online listing service or an online "agency" is a time consuming and often a frustrating experience. Especially, when the family must screen candidates and arrange for interviews on their own.

Regal Domestics, pre-screens and then interviews every qualified applicant in house. When we recommend a candidate to you, it is because we have gone over your job description with him/ her and we feel they are perfect fit to serve in your home for years to come.

When we present a candidate to you and your family, we present the candidate as the "package." In this package we include:

    1. A Full resume
    2. References
    3. A photo
    4. Legal eligibility to work in U.S.A
    5. Personal Background check

    Agency Fees:

    Regal Domestics will be happy to discuss agency fees with you, please contact our office during normal business hours for our current fee schedule.

    Included in our services are a free 1-2 week trial period. At no cost, we will happily conduct house visits when possible to assess a family's requirements and define staff responsibilities.


        call us (203) 869-0044,  e-mail us at info@regaldomestics.com.