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Our Staffing Positions:

Our job descriptions illustrate positions which may be present in many households. Job
responsibilities usually overlap and their descriptions can hold different meanings in different
homes. We are happy to advise you with your staffing needs, now and in the future. Regal can provide you with the very best…

Butlers / Administrators

A Butler, sometimes known as a Major D’omo or House Manager, carries out the fine details
of running a single household. Typical responsibilities include supervising household staff,
valeting, ordering household supplies, setting, and serving at a formal table, caring for silver,
china and crystal, and overseeing dinner parties and other events.

Property Caretakers

A property caretaker is responsible for the outside and inside maintenance of the home. Duties
typically include gardening, painting, carpentry, plumbing, scheduling annual repairs, and
overseeing any contractors.


Chauffeurs responsibilities include driving family members to professional
and social appointments. They may also be responsible for the maintenance, minor repair,
detailing and the overall care of automobiles. In many cases, our chauffeurs are multi-faceted,
such as Chauffeur/Body Guard, Chauffeur/Handyman, Driver/Handyman, & Driver/Gardner.

Cooks and Chefs

There are many levels of cooks from basic family cook to the school of trained gourmet Chef. Which include: Chefs, Family Cooks, Top Level Cooks, Party Cooks, Cooks/Housekeepers, Sous Chef. We also provide "Super Cooks" to accommodate your special events.


Couples can completely manage your home or estate, from being totally hands-on to
supervising other staff, and overseeing the work of outside vendors. If a couple is what you
require, Regal has experience with couples with many skills. There are many combinations of
skills and experience available such as: Butler & Cook, Gardener & Laundress, Handyman &
Housekeeper, Valet & Chef, Chauffeur & Housekeeper, Houseman & Nanny.

Estate Managers

Estate managers are considered cheif as administrator with many responsibilities, the estate manager oversees the staff and services of one or more homes and may include the selection and supervising of all contractors, caretakers and gardeners, care of automobiles, and supervision of household accounts.


A job description for this position will vary depending on the needs of the family. The
Housekeeper is in charge of running the home, which may include overseeing other staff,
hands-on cleaning, laundry, dusting, silver polishing, vacuuming and running errands.
Other duties can include grocery shopping, greeting guests and vendors. Meal preparation
and/or childcare duties may also be required.


A Houseman, more of a "hands-on" person, is usually responsible  for the heavy housework,
such as cleaning the hardwood and marble floors, vacuuming and polishing silver and brass
and minor repairs.  The responsibilities vary greatly depending on the household's
requirements.  In a home where there is only a houseman, he does what a housekeeper
would be required to do.
Major D'omos

The Major D'omo assumes many of the same responsibilities belonging to that of a
House/Estate Manager.  However, the Major D'omo is usually the head of staff, in charge of
one residence.


Our nannies meet a wide range of criteria, all of whom have at least three current years of
work experience in this field.  Many of our nannies have received professional training in
fields relating to the care and upbringing of babies and young children.
Our experienced nannies are child-care experts, ready to provide one-on-one attention
for your children.  They can organize and coordinate the children's activities, prepare their
meals and keep their rooms and play areas clean.  Although a nanny's primary responsibility
is child care, some nannies may be asked to include housekeeping, grocery shopping and
other errands as part of their regimen.
Personal Assistants

A Personal or Executive Assistant will be your "right-hand" person for your office or home
and can manage your travel plans, your schedule and set up appointments. Other
responsibilities may include keeping track of the family agenda and arranging for
reservations of various events on an administrative level.


A companions responsibilities differ from a personal assistant. A companion is an individual who provides assistance to their employer with their daily care; such as doctors appointments, activities, food preparation, errands and travel.

Baby Nurse

Baby nurses as known as a newborn specialist work with new parents in their home to help take care of a newborn baby. They educate parents to help create a smooth transition for parents. They are trained non medical new specialists and they work around the clock for a less stressful environment for baby and parent.